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Well, you're going to BE that Knight.

You're going to learn everything you need to know to attract 95% of women. And the odd woman that these techniques DON'T work on, aren't worth worrying about anyway. Because they are lesbians. End of.

So, if you're looking to pick-up lesbians? GO elsewhere. Right now.

If you're still here and you want to know EVERY step. Every word to say. Every move to make. Step-by-step to get you into women's heads and then beds, stick around. Read every word.

This stuff works.

And it's SCARY how well it works when you do it properly.

This is like PAINT-BY-NUMBERS. It's so simple, an ugly 3 toothed grandpa could use these techniques to attract and seduce women in their late teens and early twenties - And regardless of your appearance or current skills with women, you will be attracting them too! In no time!

Right, it's time to get started...

When it comes to successfully attracting and picking-up women, there are certain fundamental rules you should always abide by. These are things you should and shouldn’t do that, if you bear them in mind when talking to women, will always improve your chances of winning their hearts (or, if you prefer, just their bodies).

Let's start with the 10 golden rules to successfully attracting and picking-up women. You should read through and understand them all. These are considered the basics.

The first one is a unique but powerfully simple theory that originated and can only be found at THIS site... Slope Theory.

Rule #1: Understand ‘Slope Theory’ the truth about ugly men attracting beautiful women.

Rule #2: Adopt and maintain the right attitude to attract women

Rule #3: Be pro-active with your attraction and seduction skills

Rule #4: Avoid the common pitfalls

Rule #5: Appear confident, independent and socially high-ranking

Rule #6: Demonstrate self-worth and personal value

Rule #7: Be unusual

Rule #8: Understand and use social psychology

Rule #9: Don’t play hard to get - be hard to win

Rule #10: Apply your skills whenever and wherever - and on any woman you can

After you've read the 10 golden rules to female attraction and seduction, you'll be ready to learn some actual pick-up techniques and start trying them out on real women... First, read the rules above. Then read on to the quick tips...


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How Your Looks And Physical Attractiveness Actually Effect Your Attraction And Seduction Chances With Women… And Exactly What To Do About it!


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